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Welcome on the Bouvier website of Black Mystic Legend.


We are Nadine and Johan Schoonackers and live in Belgium the country of origin of the Bouvier des Flandres.

It all started with Yndra vd Kuanyhoeve in 1999.

She was a beautiful female in many ways and the founder of our kennel. Her son Ethos and her daughter Ebony became the title of Champion.

Our female Tara, also an excellent dog, is  already Junior Champion and she does well at show. She is also the mother of Juno, our youngest female dog. (Ethos X Tara).

Our bouviers are our constant companions,hobby and passion. Once you've lived with a bouvier  "you can't get them out of your heart".

They are agile, spirited and bold with a pleasant disposition. They are also very intelligent and are excellent guardians and protectors even with children.

We are a small kennel, breeding for quality not for quantity. The pedigrees are carefully researched, chosen with the breed standard, on beauty and appearance, delightfull temperament but also health, character and good behavior are of the same importance to us.

The bouviers live with us in our house and are well socialized. The adults have past HD and ED tests before breeding. We strive to breed a dog that is always a credit to the breed.

Our puppies are bred, born and raised in our home, they have been touched, handled, petted and loved from their first moments of live.

Please do not hesitate to phone or contact us by this form with your questions.

We hope you have a lot of fun while surfin on our website!

                                                              A home without a dog is only a house !!!

With kind regards

Nadine and Johan